Category: Cooltech series receiver  Publish Time: 2018-08-17 09:03 
4CH FH-3/FH-4T compatible receiver


Operating Voltage Range:4.8~7.4V
Dimension :27.5X18X8.5mm
Weight :3.5g
Operating Range :Full range
Number of Channnels :4 standard channels


-- Ultra mini size and light weight
-- Improve capability of anti-interference
-- Ceramic antenna design
-- Upgradeable firmware
-- Rather long operating range with PA
-- Boost up circuit design, perfect for RC car


Cooltec 2.4GHz FH-3/FH-4T Compatible Receiver is designed to use with M12, M11X, EXZES X, MT-4,GEMINI X,MT-S, MT-4S, M12S etc.

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