Category: Cooltech series receiver  Publish Time: 2017-12-18 10:28 
D8 compatible receiver


Working Temperature Range: -10~+80℃

Operating Voltage Range : 3.5~15.0V

Dimension : 25X16.8X5mm

Weight : 2g

Receiving Mode : D8 mode

Operating Range : Full range

Number of Channnels : 8CH from S.BUS channel


-- Ultra mini size and light weight

-- Support telemetry data transmission

-- Replaceable antennas

-- Upgradeable firmware

-- Rather long operating range with PA.


1. Turn on the transmitter, get to the MANU- MODEL SETUP and select BIND. Connect battery to the receiver while holding the F/S button on the receiver, the LED on the receiver will be off, indicating the binding process is completed.

2. Reboot the receiver and go back to mormal mode of transmitter RF, the red light on the receiver indicates the receiver is receiving commands from the transmitter.


A constant failsafe is preset in D8-1 receiver, when control signal is lost, Channel 3 will be set to cut off and the orther channel goes to central position, so channel 3 is suggested in throttle.

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