Way-exploring Intelligence Robot
Category: Robot  Publish Time: 2017-11-25 14:51 
Way-exploring Intelligence Robot

Way-exploring Intelligence Robot- Performance Indicators
Weight: 2.2kg 
Degree of freedom: 21 
Servo connection: bus type
Operating system: Window2000, XP, 7
Robot Controller: Mobile APP
Computer connection: GB serial RS232C ( USB to 232 is recommended)
Robot Form
Size: 390X230X185mm  walking speed: 2m / min
Car form
Size: 300X223X160mm  travel speed: 15m / min
Turning radius: 1400mm

1. With its originality of the modeling structure design of the 21 joints, it can change from human shape to car shape freely. 
2. The robot in human mode can walk forward and back, turn left, turn right, side translation, push-ups and other basic motions.
3. The robot in car mode can move forward and back in high speed, turn left, turn right and other basic motions. It is with great stability and powerful off-road ability.
4. Rear wheel steering driving mechanism makes it powerful and easy to control
5. It morphs from a car into a robot automatically and smoothly. 
6. Equipped with high-fidelity MP3 voice playback system, we use SD card that can store maximum 32G capacity for hundreds of voice files to be programmed via 3D motion programming software. The MP3 module was embedded in the humanoid robot body, and then connected to the robot board through the serial port.
7. The programming software based on the Windows operating system uses embedded 3D animation simulation design whose technical standards and design concept have reached international level.
8.Using 3D high-definition graphics programming system software to edit whatever motions with the control panel. We use standard micro SD card that can store motions with no limits.
9. The servo has a feedback function that it can remember the transformation processing of the motions of each joint that users has manually adjusted, and play back the transformation  process completely.
10. The international standard model remote control and wireless handle are suitable for it.
11. When upgrading, it can be installed with Wifi module and Android operating system. You can control them with a phone or ipad.
12. When upgrading, it can be installed with voice recognition module for voice chat.


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